Sunday, February 3, 2008

I am a well of patience.

Longlegs is fighting naps and bedtime now. This started a week ago. Up until then he has gone to bed like an angel. But now I can expect to hear every night;

"Mommy get me! Mommy get me!"
"Mommy come! Mommy come!"
"Door open! Door open!"
"Little bit more! Little bit more!"
"No night-night! No night-night!"

All set to the music of heartwrenching sobs.

*Sigh* I was hoping for a bath while both of them napped but it ain't going to happen because neither one is napping. I'm a mess and both are crying. I remain the very image of a greasy, dis-sheveled mom. I know they're both safe in their cribs and I wish I could press the ignore button but I can't.

I am a well of patience that will never run dry. This is my mantra.

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