Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Baby Report - a.m.

Well! It's been a busy enough morning in child-land that it's worth reporting on. Even if I'm just briefly touching base.

Longlegs is getting tougher and tougher on his sister. I had to physically restrain him from hitting her when she took one of his toys. I sat him down on the bed and told him in an angry firm voice, "No! That's bad! Hitting is a no-no! It's very, very bad." When he realized that he had done something wrong and I was upset with him for it... he... threw... a... tantrum. I tried talking him up... I tried talking him down. Eventually I realized that when one is throwing a tantrum - you just have to walk away and leave them alone until sense returns. So I left him in his room. He screamed for about seven minutes until he wandered out to the living room to see what Sweetpea and I were playing with. Then he screamed some more. I lifted him up and took him back to his room. He came out again but didn't scream... he just started to play with us. Good... good....

Then five minutes later he accidentally poked himself in the eye with a spatula and we lost the ground we had made. That poke took a good ten minutes to recover from. My shoulders were a snotty, slobbery mess.

After morning snack we loaded up our supplies and went out to Grandma's backyard to play. We were out there for all of six minutes perhaps before we were rained out. Longlegs was minding his own business in the sandbox when the skies opened up on him. He came running and crying over to me and we huddled under the tent from the scary, scary rain.

That's an eventful morning!

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