Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Sweetpea… you like to turn around backwards in the stroller so you can reach up and hold my hand. It’s a beautiful gesture… particularly because you’re doing it each day now that we go out for our walk.

Longlegs… today you ran around the living room singing “I’m not a baby… I am a boy. I’m not a baby… I am a boy.” In beautiful surround sound toddler singsong. And you did it naked. Bonus cute points for you.

Today marks an upgrade in time-outs. We’re moved from time-outs in the naughty chair to time-outs in the corner. You seem to hate these more… so they seem more effective.

Oh my little Sweetpea, you are having a rotten day… everything is setting you off… of course; you did just get your shots this afternoon. You thought the poor nurse was a horrible lady indeed after those unpleasant pokes in the legs she gave you. But you are nearly up to date in your immunizations again.

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