Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Darth Mommy Dispenses I

Wear your baby. Mother's in less-industrialized countries wear their babies all the time. Tie your baby on, sling him over your back and get back to business. We've removed alot of that connection in North America by constantly transporting our babies in car seats and strollers. Going grocery shopping? Don't keep baby in the car seat, put him in the sling. (People just don't wear their babies enough... I've lost count off all the stares I get when I take Longlegs or Sweetpea out in a sling or wrap.) Babies need to be close to you and feel your warm, your smell, your heartbeat.. your overall "mommyness". A baby that feels connected to you during the day is likely to sleep better at night. A baby that is worn around is likely to cry less because you've built a confidence in them that mommy is always close by. Now you have a happier baby and two free hands to make a sandwich with. You're also working alittle harder carrying that extra weight and burning more calories. I also double up when taking my baby out by making the sling my purse. My keys, wallet fit comfortably in her lap and aren't going anywhere.

The Baby Bjorn carrier types are nice and I've found that the Daddies prefer using them if they wear the baby. Truth be typed, I don't like the clips and snaps. I prefer lower tech... plain old cloth.... no rings or snaps. I bought a New Native Baby Carrier off Ebay and wow... there are not enough good things to say about this sling. It's basically a sash with a pocket to plop baby in... and your keys and wallet too.. :) I've found it's great to use while shopping and while baby is still pretty little. They say you can also "hands-free nurse" while having baby in a sling or wrap but I never mastered that one. Then my next favorite way to wear baby is on my back like a backpack. Once Longlegs was a little too big for the sling, I put him on my back for walks and shopping trips. I prefer shifting that weight to my back instead of carrying it on my front. Boy, that gets the stares... people just aren't used to seeing it here. But baby loves it alot more than being pushed around in the cart.

Babies were born to be worn. Keep him close. He spent most of his life inside you... don't wrench him away from all that he's known by keeping him disattached. Wear him whenever the opportunity lets you... shopping, walking, housework. Then when you need to lay him down by himself in his chair, playpen or crib you've increased your chances of avoiding a screamfest. It's all about building up his confidence that Mommy or Daddy is always close.

This is what I have found.

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