Friday, April 18, 2008

On The Menu: Squash, Hotdogs, Spinach, Carrots, Corn.

Today's lunch was a successful one! :) Let's review the magic, shall we?

Longlegs dined upon one hot dog (first sliced length-wise then cut up) and half of an acorn squash flavored with a little margarine and orange marmalade. Not pictured, the pumpkin muffin he had for desert.

Sweetpea dined upon Creamy Cheezy Corn (a puree of corn, cheese and onion), a carrot and spinach puree and water. Not pictured, the pureed pear for dessert.

Epilogue: Dinner went great today. Longlegs devoured his hotdog and the squash. No surprise there, he loves squash. Muffins are always cause for much excitement as well. Sweetpea polished off everything. I didn't think she'd have room for the pear but she surprised me.

And now I'm ignoring a kitchen full of dirty dishes to post this. :)

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