Sunday, April 20, 2008

We're poisoning our children again.

So a new study has come out and it's been doing the press junket. A chemical found in many household plastic items, such as water bottles, baby bottles and probably a million other things is waiting for it's chance to kill you. Well... it's been "proven possibly harmful". We're poisoning our kids... again. Hardly news. But what is news is that the Canadian government is actually taking steps to help keep some of these harmful chemicals away from our children. A baby bottle ban is going into effect.

I'm hardly one to jump on the band wagon when one study comes out and tells me something when next month a different set of glasses from a different university will tell me the very opposite. And like George Carlin said.. "We need a little cancer in our food. It keeps us strong." (Paraphrasing.) However.. my hippie mother personality has been fighting for control of the body over the past few years and it is better to be safe that sorry.

I for one am looking forward to a possible resurgence in old school technology. Bring back the glass baby bottle! I'm going to see if Gerber still does glass... will keep you posted on the results. Yes, glass baby bottles will fit in nicely with my clothesline, wringer washer and push mower. I'm not being facetious... I am a big fan of turning the clock back on technology.

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