Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Highway Robbery: The Double Stroller that Wasn't.

The Cosco Double Stroller I have.

I've been keeping a casual ear out on the local baby consignment stores for a double stroller. Now we do actually have a double stroller already, a lovely present from the in-laws and a boon when you have a two year old and a one year old. However -

It doesn't fit through doorways.

This is a rather large inconvenience for me in that walks usually amount to just that - walks. I don't go to the post office nor do I walk to the grocery store because I can't get myself and both kids through the front door.
And then I found it... I found it. It was sitting there in a local baby consignment store called "Once Upon A Child". I was thrilled. The perfect double stroller... a Graco with storage bins underneath to hold the groceries and the selling point? It fit through the front doorway. Oh, I could really go places with this! Much better than my current double stroller - a Cosco with no storage capacity that doesn't fit (without much pushing and a little under the breath swearing) through most commercial doorways.

The Graco Stoller I wanted.

I brought our Cosco into the store for evaluation. I filled out the paperwork. I waited for the salesman to ring up the trade-in value. The Cosco I was offering up for trade is quite nearly brand-new, used perhaps half a dozen times. In my head I was hoping for an even trade but expecting that I would have to shell out alittle bit... I was prepared to pay a maximum of $75.00 after the sale of the Cosco to "Once Upon A Child".

The salesman finished his typing and informed me that they would accept my Cosco at a trade-in value of $40.00 and that left $189.00 owing on the Graco stroller.

I swear to God, if I had drink in hand I would have spit it out.

What? Seriously? I'm trading in a used double stroller for another used double stroller and you're going to gouge me for $189.00!?! I could get a brand new double stroller for that price.

I thanked him for his time, folded up my Cosco stroller, mumbled some lame excuse about coming back later when I had the time and gathered up my family.

I was prepared to squeeze out $75.00 for this puppy... not nearly $200.00 - We can't afford that! Especially when we already have a perfectly serviceable double stroller, even if I can't get it onto commercial property without making a huge production out of myself.

And what truly sucked about all this is that I had allowed myself to fall in love with the Graco... I even saw myself taking the kiddies out to the store in it. I let my gaze caress the handy storage bins underneath the seats... only another mother can truly understand the importance of good storage space...

It was then that I let my gaze wander around the store and realized that the prices on most of the items and toys there were wildly inflated... on used items! I'm willing to bet that you'd be getting a better deal on buying most of that stuff new. Were they planning on selling my double stroller that they offered $40.00 on for near $200.00 as well?

Highway Robbery. Seriously.

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