Saturday, May 31, 2008

White Bean Puree: I Ardently Worship Cauliflower and Vegetable Broth.

I’ve been trying to inject more beans (white, navy, garbanzo… whatever) into our diet. It hasn’t been a really big sell on my family. Bat-Hubs complains about the texture of the bean skin, Longlegs follows suit there and the texture is just too thick for Sweetpea and she usually coughs it out.

However, this morning I stumbled upon a way to sneak those beans in under the discerning radar of my family. I wasn’t worrying about trying to sluff the beans off on my son or husband anymore.. just seeing if I could convince the baby to eat them. Ergo, I had to make the consistency softer and creamier as it was too thick for her before.

I puréed the hell out of ½ cup of white navy beans, added three tablespoons of vegetable broth (which I keep on hand in ice cube form in the freezer) and two tablespoons of cauliflower purée.

The result was near perfection. Creamy, smooth and with a nice flavour. I could definitely sneak this bean puree into something and the fam wouldn’t really notice anything save a creamier texture. However, Longlegs – always curious about what I’m feeding his sister – asked if he could share. I gave him a spoonful of the white bean/cauliflower purée and he pronounced it “Good!” He snacked on another three spoonfuls before wandering away.

Well, well. Cauliflower and vegetable broth – thou has saved me again. I continue to be your ardent worshipper.

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