Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Baby Report.

Sweetpea is cutting her third tooth - the right one on the top. Naturally, she's been particularly crabby. It hasn't taken much to set her off these last couple days. I'm glad that some more teeth are finally beginning to surface... they've been slow in coming.

Longlegs is starting to perfect the fine art of bedtime stalling. Between visits to the potty, drinks of milk, wiping his face with a kleenex in *just the way he likes it* (lol - he's so particular) and tucking him in with both blankets (even in this heat! He won't let me get away with just one or no blankets... it has to be the white one on bottom and the yellow one on top!) it's taking a good half hour after bedtime just to escape from him.

I wept today after 3 or 4 days of being strong. And my darling little boy looked up at me, over my knee and said in a grown-up voice, deep with sympathy - "What's wrong, honey?"

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