Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Baby Report

Today we walked around town in our new stroller. Front-to-back double... just what I was looking for. (It fits through doorways!) We had a trip to the post office, the thrift store and the pizza parlor. Then we sat on the grass in front of the old high school and had a spontaneous picnic. I should have bought two pieces of pizza because my little wolves devoured the piece I bought. Hm, guess they like pizza today! Doing alot of things differently with them... like picnics on high school lawns, watching the traffic drive by. It was mellow, quiet and fun.

Later we took a drive out to the city and visited some friends, played with their toys. A pleasant time was had by all.

And now they are sleeping like angels. Some nights I crack open their doors a wee bit to listen to them breath.

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