Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My boy loves Lightening McQueen!

New Pixar Cars toys for Longlegs... his Grandpa bought him a Cars computer game (which he's waaay too young for but he'll enjoy it in a few years) and a Leapfrog talking Cars book. The talking book he really, really likes and it's pretty cool. You drag the pen over words or pictures and it tells you some of the story. Longlegs loves to sit on the couch and use the story-pen. And I found him a purple Ramone for his die-cast collection... he loves it. "Now me has purpul Mamone *and* nellow Mamone, Mommy!"

I like that he likes Disney/Pixar's Cars. It has very little in the way of a romantic subplot... so I can watch it again and again with him.

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