Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Baby Report.

Heh... imagine the music from "The Colbert Report" when I say "The Baby Report."

Sweetpea has been boycotting her milk over the past few days. Not sure why - the bottle just isn't interesting her and she keeps shoving it away, as if it offends her. I'm making her she's getting more juice and water to make up for the milk boycott.

Neither one of my children seem that excited about pizza. Strange. I bought the yummiest pizza for our supper tonight and they both looked down at their plates and let out an audible sigh.

I went for a bike ride to the grocery store, as we needed milk and pizza. (Yes, the pizza was needed.) They both usually enjoy the bike ride but on the way back I went over a large bump and. that. was. it. I think it scared the crap out of Sweetpea because she was done... she screamed the whole way back, even with several stops. I picked her up - I rocked her. Nope, she was pretty upset. Longlegs didn't help matters any... he thought if he kept trying to shove things down her mouth that maybe she'd stop crying. Then he figured if she was screaming at the top of her lungs then he'd better suit up and join her. Ugh. I biked so fast just to get them home. I was a sweaty mess.

Longlegs and I settled down happily for some "tv cuddle time" before bed. We usually watch about 1/2 hour of "So You Think You Can Dance" before he's ready to crawl into his bed. He was waiting for me on the couch... "Dance show?" he said, brightly.

Sweatpea is going through some major seperation anxiety. If I'm not within sight or holding her she gets upset with me. It makes supper-making really difficult.

I let Longlegs play in the kitchen while I got Sweetpea ready for bed. When I returned I found spoons, cups and cereal all over the floor. It's a mess. I'm still putting off cleaning it up right now.

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