Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Longlegs begged to sleep with me in “Mommy’s bed” tonight… as a new tactic in his bedtime arsenal of stalling. Oh, I was so tempted… but I didn’t go for it. So tempted tho’…. I’ll just pretend my Teddy Bear, Mr. Tibbs is Longlegs and Sweetpea tonight. And I’m holding them in my arms. And they know that I love them… more than anything.

Sweetpea brought me over a yellow tennis ball and placed it in my lap while I was on the ground, cleaning up books. I thanked her enthusiastically for the nice yellow ball. Her eyes sparkled and she toddler-monkey walked around the corner into the family room. She returned shortly thereafter with another yellow tennis ball for me.

I love you… so much. It’s the three of us against the world, my babies. We’re going to take it over – together.

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