Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The day I was fearing is upon me.

My Longlegs (two) has decided that it's alot of fun to run away from Mommy and out into traffic.

Picture me, several times this past month, dropping my diaper bag and whatever else I may be carrying - holding Sweetpea (one) under one arm like a football, sprinting across the lawn/parking lot and grabbing Longlegs by whatever I can hold onto first - which the last two times has been his collar. Just like in the cartoons.

Then, huffing - I give him my angriest, to the point "Running away from Mommy is a very bad thing! Never run away from Mommy!" speech. He's not used to seeing me angry so he usually starts to cry... but I have to impress upon him the sheer not-cool factor of running away from me at full speed... especially when he hasn't wrapped his head around "traffic is bad" yet.

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