Thursday, November 13, 2008

A new day....

I woke up this morning and all Longlegs and Sweetpea wanted for breakfast was "Cheerios and Raisies (Raisins)" No milk.

So we all sat on the family room floor and stuffed our faces with mutligrain cheerios and raisies, in our jammies while Canadian children's programing flickered on the television.

I could see that today was starting to rev up towards being a very magical day.

A quick visit from Grandma delivered unto us a free box of discount chocolate chip cookies. Snack-time was all set!

Then a trip to our local town's church basement playgroup. This time I arranged to meet with another mother and her kids there so I actually had someone to talk to. Otherwise, I usually tend to play the wallflower and watch my kids play from the corner.

Then Longlegs, Sweetpea and I walked to the post office, where my paycheck was waiting - the thrift store, where we bought lots of cool stuff for under ten dollars.. (gotta love thrift stores that are run by Mennonites) and the pizza parlor where we used our change to purchase pizza for lunch. Then we drove back home, spread a blanket out in front of a Sesame Street VHS tape we bought at the thrift store and had an "inside pizza picnic."

And now they're napping... and they're actually sleeping! Like little angels.

And the day is only half done... after they wake up from nap, we're headed into the city for a trip to the comic book store.

And I don't have a shift tonight... it's been a good day.

Despite my daily battles with crushing loneliness at times... I am aware that I am living smack dab in the middle of the most magical time of my life.

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