Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sometimes I'm judgemental.

I saw a sight today that made me sad.. you know, you try not to judge how other people parent their children... but I did it... I saw, I judged and I mentally "tsk tsk"ed and thought about how I would never do that. But then I snapped out of that mode and reminded myself that my opinions are my own and you can never truly judge someone... particularly if you've done nothing in regards to "walking in their shoes."

That aside, I was at the local Mennonite thrift store and saw a little girl child, no bigger than my Longlegs (who is tall for his age so length isn't a good indicator of age...) trying to climb up the side of a shopping cart. Her mother was not nearby but instead paying for her purchases.

The shopping cart came tumbling over and pinned the little girl to the floor. She burst out in a wail of pain and fright. A nearby elderly patron started to pull the cart off her with an "Are you okay?"

Her mother came storming over, pulled the cart to the side and yanked the girl up by her arm.

"I told you not to do that! I told you! Maybe now you'll listen."

And she pulled her crying daughter up to the cashier with her.

Now... perhaps this mother was having a bad day. Perhaps her day was just one frustration after another and this was the last feather in her cap and she just had to explode to let some of the tension out. Maybe, maybe, maybe. And I know it's unfair of me to step back, judge and think of myself as "the better parent".

Still... I walked out of the store feeling sad. I made a mental note to give my children a big hug and kiss.

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