Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Actual Conversation.

I actually had this conversation with my one year old daughter this morning as I changed her diaper.

"Holy Spit, Sweetpea! Did you even digest that? And why can someone so cute make something smell so bad?"


"Geez Luis.... there's poppy seeds everywhere! Holy Cow... how did you get all those poppy seeds up your lady bits, little missy?"

*Shrugs* "Blaaa maaamaaa?"

"Y'know... Mommy doesn't get poppy seeds up her lady bits because she uses the potty like a big girl."


I cleaned her up, put on a nice clean diaper, pulled her pants back up and sent her on her way.... and then sat back and reflected on the strangeness of motherhood... and that I actually uttered the words "Mommy doesn't get poppy seeds up her lady bits." Wow.

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