Monday, December 15, 2008

Better Moments. Best Moments.

If it's not busy night and there are no calls from work (I do tech-support from home for side income) then usually the bedtime routine, after bathtime, is milk... storytime... then put Sweetpea down to bed.

Then Longlegs and I stay up, have a little snack, cuddle in the rocking chair under the "multicoloured blankie" and watch an episode of Fraggle Rock. He's enjoying it so much I think I have to find more Muppets on DVD. Doesn't hurt me any.... Jim Henson was a wonderful man and I am honored to watch the work he left behind.

He ate his small bowl of popcorn... drank his milk... then cuddled under the multicoloured blankie, tucked his head under my armpit and whispered, unbidden; "I love you."

It doesn't matter that he's told me before... tonight it was particularly beautiful.

These are the moments where time stops. I think it must be what beautiful death would be like. Everything goes silent... slightly white. Then your heart beats a little faster and your body starts pumping out whatever cocktail it is that makes you feel tingly and grateful for everything that brought you to this point.

I kissed his curly hair... taking in the smell of Johnson's Extra Conditioning Baby Shampoo. When these beautiful moments of heaven are yours.... why would you want for anything else?

On a side note... I think it's a travesty that the Blogger spellchecker doesn't like 'Fraggle'.

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