Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Canadian Family Regret

Lois Lane is an opinionated, assertive journalist. She writes aggressively, from the heart and is unapologetic.

I am so not Lois Lane. I think I am just about her direct opposite.

Maybe I forgot to take some of my vitamins yesterday because man alive... reading that magazine was putting me in a royal huff! I was Miss Huffy from Huffington, wasn't I? My apologies, I'm not usually so forthright with my personal views.

If you don't like the song, switch the station. If you don't like the magazine - put it down. The interent makes itself quite attractively available for people to whine and rail against things that they feel rub them the wrong way... I think I fell into that briar patch a little bit.

I may not listen to country music, for example - but I honestly have no problem with people who do. The same goes for Bugaboos and SUVs. That is how I honestly and truly feel. I felt like I was coming off as judgemental and not accepting of other's lifestyle choices - and that's not really me. I was just expressing an opinion but I think I crossed the line from expression to bitching and that's not cool, not for me anyway.

Ha - and I know there's not alot of reason for me to be writing any sort of retraction post other than the fact that since I posted "The Rant" it's been chewing at the back of my brain all day and all morning.... feeling all guilty and stuff. I feel better now.

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