Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Remembering baby torture.

When Longlegs had pneumonia when he was just some-odd months old I was pretty frantic. He had a high fever for x number of days and was breaking out in a crazy Dalmatian rash (I took pictures) and phoned my doctor for an appointment. They said she couldn't see him for another week. I described his temperature, how long it had been going on, the rash... she said she'd phone me back. Phoned me back an hour later and said "Can you bring him in now?"

It's one of my most unhappiest memories with my little baby boy... they sent him to another floor to get x-rayed. Even tho' I was freshly pregnant and had stopped breastfeeding I tried to give him something to eat but he just wouldn't eat - all he would do was sleep while I waited for another hour in another waiting room.

Now, the tube that meds jam an infant into to x-ray them is something like a torture device from a Saw movie, particularly to a mother.

Longlegs was already sick - then I was told to strip him down to his diaper and place him in this tube that jammed his little arms as high as they could go above his head... it looked painful and was already starting to scream. Then the tech closed him in the tube that fit him so tight he could hardly wiggle... then I was to step ten feet away, put on a lead vest and watch my little baby boy going out of his mind with terror, naked and painfully pinned into a tube. He cried so hard he was giving himself a nosebleed. I felt like throwing up.

Now, I know why the device was designed the way it was - makes perfect sense - have to hold the child's arms up so you can get a clear shot of the lungs (the x-ray showed the doctor that he indeed had pneumonia) but I just keeping thinking of it as a baby torture device.

What a horrible day that was. Ah, memories.

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