Friday, May 15, 2009

Giving birth yields more positive results....

Y'know... sometimes going through labor and delivery is good for more than just getting the child....

Case in point, I had an appointment at the dentist's yesterday for a filling. I saw the dentist coming at me with a huge - yes, cartoonishly huge - needle that she was intending on jamming up my gums.

I wanted to bristle and pull back but started to sooth myself with "You gave birth to two children. You pushed two human beings out of your vagina. If you can do that - you can get a needle to the face."

And she poked me and it wasn't that bad.

I used the same method of "Hey - if you can give birth, you can do this!" pep talk before I got my tattoo and my nose piercing too. And it worked like sweet cuppin' cakes. I will pull out the Supermom card when I'm about to face my next moment of impending pain.

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